GRC 2016 Rule Changes:

The Gateway Robotics Challenge will use the following tournament and FIRST Stronghold rule changes:

Event Tournament Rule Changes:

Teams ranking in the top 8 seeds may not inter-draft amongst the other top 8 teams. Serpentine draft order will still occur as usual.

FIRST Stronghold Game-Specific Rule Changes:

1. Tower strength will remain at 8 boulders in order to give both alliances more chances to defeat the tower.

2. G21 Update - A ROBOT contacting carpet in the opponent’s SECRET PASSAGE may not contact opposing ROBOTS who are in contact with the carpet in the SECRET PASSAGE, regardless of who initiates the contact..

3. G38 Clarification Driving over or getting stuck on a boulder while holding another bolder will not be a violation of G38.

4. GRC will be running a static set of defenses for every match. The defenses will be positioned as below and will not change except for cases of damage to more than 2 out of the 3 defenses we have of each type.

1. Low Bar 2. Cheval De Frise 3. Rockwall 4. Ramparts 5. Moat

This will mean there will not be a Portcullis, Sally Port, or Drawbridge in most matches. This also means there will not be alliance selection of defenses. Our goal is to provide teams more matches and by removing the defense selection we reduce the load on our volunteers, while allowing teams more playing time. If we damage 2 of the same defense in a way that they are not repairable for a given match. That defense will be swapped with the Sally Port on both sides until we can repair two of those defense to put them back on the field. If we break even more defenses or the Sally Ports become broken we will put in the Drawbridges next.

5. In the case where a playoff MATCH ends with the score of each ALLIANCE being equal the match will be replayed. The tiebreaker scoring detailed in 5.4.4 will not be in effect at GRC.

6. Given that the technology allows (video system doesn’t go down, etc) GRC will be instituting a video review process for the elimination rounds of the bracket. This will be used as a pilot to evluate if video replay is feasible for the FIRST Robotics Competition.

Each Alliance is allowed one challenge/review in the playoffs. The alliance captain will be provided a video review coupon in addition to their timeout coupon. Video review coupons must be given to the head ref during the same time periods in which timeout coupons are allowed following the match to be reviewed. Only match effecting calls and yellow/red cards can be reviewed. This year that would mean defense crossings, challenges, scales, autonomous points, G13, G28, boulders, and yellow/red cards.

The score or lack of being reviewed must be significant enough to affect the outcome of the match. The Head Referee can choose to not review any call that they do not believe will change the outcome of the match.

Video evidence must be indisputable to change a call. The point is to receive credit for an obviously missed score, not debate further a close call that a referee already used their best judgement on. The Head Referee's decision is final after a review. Only the event provided video will be used by the Head Referee during a video review. Referees will not review any other video photoage, including camcorders, phones, or tablets not provided by the event. The Head Referee at their discretion may choose to review any ruling throughout the event. Please do not ask for a video review at any time other than giving the referee your alliance’s video review coupon during the playoffs, all other requests will not be granted.


The 2016 FIRST Stronghold rules can be found here.