GRC 2021 Rule Changes:

The Gateway Robotics Challenge will use the following tournament and 2021 Infinite Recharge Rules:

Event Tournament Rule Changes:

In keeping with the spirit of GRC as an off-season event and promoting maximum participation from all teams throughout the entire tournament, the GRC tournament committee has implement the following rule changes:
  • Teams ranking in the top 8 seeds may not inter-draft among the other top 8 teams. 
  • Serpentine draft order will still occur as usual to create elimination round alliances.
  • Elimination round alliances will be made up of FOUR teams, as done for the FIRST Championship tournament.
  • The alliance captain may field any three teams from the alliance for each match in the elimination rounds.
  • Every team on the 4-team alliance must compete in at least one match in the elimination rounds.

Infinite Recharge Game-Specific Rule Changes:
We will be following the 2021 Infinite Recharge rules as written in the FRC game manual - no changes other than the event tournament rule change mentioned above. Rules can be found here: 2021 Infinite Recharge Rules